January 14, 2018

I made a youtube video that goes through a large part of my creative log from the past several months. As a writer and actor, I find it's really helpful for me to document my process, and I thought other artists might find it interesting as well. Here's a link: 

September 28, 2017

I kind of take comfort in the fact that Van Gogh didn't decide he wanted to be an artist until he was 27. By this model, I still have plenty of time to decide precisely what I'm doing with my life, then get ridiculed by many of my family members, mentors, and friends,...

September 24, 2017

I think that blogs are meant to be a kind of public diary that's updated once a week or so. I haven't felt inspired to write for a long time so I'm trying to get out of my head a bit more than usual. I am really excited about this upcoming year and am trying to stay fo...

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